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Best Medical Equipment Company in Africa 2021


A few words about us

In this competitive world, when our management has decided to launch a medical equipment company we had thousands of ideas to bring in to the market. We hand-picked the best of our ideas and the result is the launch of our Bwino Mediequip Exporters Pvt Ltd. It has always been our priority to keep the market in healthy and standard competition. Being experienced experts from the same market we have decided to cover the whole segment of medical supplies. We always strive to keep our basket bigger and coverage area larger from one corner of the world to another corner of the world. We positively believe in continue expansion of our business with proper planning and currently we are in operation from Mumbai, India and Lusaka, Zambia office. Our skilled and attentive staff optimizes its capacity and they are always ready to face new changes and challenges. We believe in time management, total quality management and above all solutions development. Simply, these are the factors which differentiate us from others and motivate us to bring smile on the faces of our co-partners.

Best Medical Equipment Company of 2021 in Africa

Our Mission

Bwino Mediequip Exporters | Medical Equipment Company

To promote the healing process by providing smart solutions for our customers and the patients they serve and Build a long-term relationship with our clients and provide exceptional customer satisfaction pursuing business through innovation and advanced technology.

Our Values

  • To be recognized by our employees as a "great place to work".

  • To use discipline in our salesmanship and financial management in providing security for our future.

  • To cherish our customers and employees by remaining focused on long-term relationship with them.

The Best Medical Equipment Company in Africa | Bwino Mediequip

Why Choose Us

We never take our customers for granted.  Our commitment is to “Make it happen!” Everything we do boils down to that. When we’re asked to deliver equipment, even in the middle of the night or in the worst weather, we never forget there’s a sick child, an anxious mother, a worried husband sitting there waiting, and we do whatever it takes to meet their needs as fast as humanly possible. That’s what drives us, both as people and as a company.  We never forget that “We serve a patient in need.”

That mantra is the heart of our organization.  Because we have over 50 employees committed to the same goal, we have grown from a small service company to one that serves many states through more than 20 locations.

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